23 01 2015

Tonight I tried listening to a guided meditation session. It was pretty difficult for me since I have been diagnosed with ADD. I don’t have the super hyperactive problems, but more so problems with being attentive and keeping focused etc. My mind is constantly wandering off. Luckily the guided audio reminded me to come back to just my senses and to keep track of when I lose myself to wandering thoughts.

Are there any of you who have ADD and are meditating or have tried it themselves? I’d be very interested to hear your tips or suggestions of ways to keep my thoughts from wandering too often. I would love to be able to begin meditating eventually without a guided audio track as I feel that kind of defeats the purpose. How can I just be in a state of awareness when another voice keeps directing my thoughts.

Anyways, I enjoyed it. It was a 26 minute session and in the end I noticed it just ended without warning and I was sitting here for a couple minutes unaware that it had ended. I would love to hear your thoughts on meditation in the comments section. Thanks.

P.S. I know this is a bit off topic, but as I keep saying, I want to try to use this blog more often, even if it’s a bit off topic, so don’t mind the random posts.