Ask an Atheist Day. (April 18th, 2012)

25 03 2012

What’s up all you Ape readers.

It’s only a few weeks until Ask an Atheist day. I hope you participated in the ‘A’ Week festivities. If anybody has a question for an atheist just post it in the comments and check back on April 18th for your answer. I’m pretty open to whatever you want to ask. Unless it’s extremely complicated to which I’ll just throw an idea your way and hope you are interested enough to do some research to learn more about the topic. But I genuinely would love to get some great questions.

So treat this like a reverse survey where you ask ME the questions and I check my box by writing a response just for you. Don’t be shy. But stay on topic.

Thanks, and hope to see some questions rolling in.





6 responses

26 03 2012

If we evolved from apes, then why are there still apes? And why didn’t said apes also evolve?

26 03 2012
A Dumb Ape

Thanks for the reply. I think I already answered this in a previous post from last years ask an atheist day. But I can answer it again this year since it is a common question. Stay tuned.

26 03 2012

Thanks for your comment–I will check in again for your response.

27 03 2012

Oh and why the delay if i may ask? And I thought of another one: What do you think about Darwin’s theory on black people? Does his views harm his credibility as a “scientist?”

28 03 2012
A Dumb Ape

Only delay because I want to post the answers on the actual day. (April 18th)

28 03 2012
A Dumb Ape

Oh, and also may I ask which theory you are referring to? I have heard several different versions of what people think he thought about black people.

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