Why ‘A Dumb Ape’?

4 11 2011

So I guess I could maybe explain myself as to why I have the name Dumb Ape. Basically I use it in reference to us humans as apes and I consider us the dumb ape because of our tendencies to do things as a society that do harm to our own species as a whole or on a large scale in general.

For example, we do things like pollute the atmosphere and continue to do so even though we know that we are doing it. There are many people who deny the fact that pollution is doing anything and that global warming or climate change is not happening. The fact accepted by a large majority of climate scientists and other scientists in many fields is that it is happening and the evidence is easily pointed out by many of them. To refuse our part in the causing of it and to do nothing about even if it wasn’t caused by us is dumb in my opinion.

We tend to start large wars with other parts of the globe, which are usually started over something as simple as a difference of opinion or ideology. Whether we admit it or not we know that the wars we fight are mostly due to these simple things that could be settled in much less destructive ways. I’m not saying that it’s any one sides fault, we all play our part, one side may start the attack and the other side is obviously going to defend themselves, that’s a natural part of battle, and we’ve been doing it since we were in small tribes of hunters and gatherers, but now that we are much more advanced, we should be smart enough to deal with these things in other ways, but we remain dumb about it.

We continue to eat poorly and provide poor quality food to the masses even though we have countless studies to show that the nutritional value in those foods is so poor that it causes many health issues, yet we continue to do it anyway. Also on a similar note, we have an abundance of food in the richer parts of the world and yet the poorest parts of the world go hungry and we all stand by and let it happen. Again, in my opinion this is a dumb thing to do.

The list goes on, but I will try to keep this post short so I don’t sound like a crazy ape. We judge people based on simple differences such as race or skin color, nationality or culture, gender or sexual preference, age, address, or financial class. All these differences really don’t mean much in the big picture, we are all the same species and we should act like it and start focusing on working together to provide our future generations with a decent and safe place to live for generations to come.

Now some of you might think that this kind of goes against my whole “we’re animals that act like animals” post, but it actually fits right in with it. Most of these behaviors do fit in with our animal instincts and our early human habits. We went to war with other local tribes that weren’t our own, apes will often do the same in the wild. We would keep the best foods to ourselves and animals do this all the time. The whole environment thing is a bit of a stretch, but the point I’m trying to make is that for the level of intelligence we have as a species we seem to ignore it and stick to being dumb, and it almost seems intentional. I’m guilty of it myself, and despite my efforts to try to do things in a more globally beneficial way, I still fall back to my bad habits.

So in closing I guess I’m really just trying to say that I’d love to see the human species drop all the dumb things we do, and start using the intelligence we have and move forward together. But I realize it’s going to take more than a beauty pageant winner to get world peace and stability.

Hope you enjoyed todays post, hope to be back soon with more from my random mind.




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