What’s Happening?

26 08 2011

Well folks. I’m waiting for a friend to give me a hand in organizing things before writing. I’ve never been the type of person to write things out in long form or to try to convey messages from my ideas or thoughts. My mind goes nonstop and so when I do try to write something, other thoughts come up and I begin to ramble. You probably noticed that already if you’ve read any of my posts, but I’m hoping to conquer that with a few tips or pointers from my friend.

I’m thinking I want to tone things done a bit. I intended to start this blog with the sole intention of debunking things that I consider crazy, and to debate religion. I still plan to cover these topics, but I want to branch out into other things. I’ve already started with my Anderson Silva post. I want to cover whatever you readers want me to cover. With a few exceptions that may come up as time goes on. But for the most part I’m open. I just love to have open conversations about what’s on peoples minds, so please comment here or send me a message if WordPress allows that, and let me know what you are interested in hearing about.

I am hoping to get a better idea on how to work this blog as well. I’ve only posted and haven’t spent much time setting things up how I’d really like them. I want to have things organized better with menus, and other options that I’m sure are on here somewhere. Again, if anybody has suggestions of features I should set up or include on here, I’d love to hear.

I think that’s about it for now, just wanted to assure you that I will be back into my writing groove soon, and to hang on tight. If you actually know me and are visiting this site because you’re curious what I’m rambling about now, send me a message on Facebook, or by text and let me know what you want to read about. You might be interested in what I have to say.

Thanks again,

The ape has spoken. LOL.

Oh yeah, and one more thing, GO SEE RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES!!!





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