Ask an Atheist Day

12 04 2011

So tomorrow is the big day! I’m going to post an empty thread tomorrow and hope for comments, questions etc. The idea for the day is basically to educate people on the ideas that I place high on my list of explanations of the world instead of religion.

So I don’t want to debate or argue about these things. Just want people to learn more about it instead of just hearing the rumors, misinterpreted and twisted versions that are out there.

Many people view atheists as heartless, uncaring, mean people who want to do bad things etc. Basically anything that is bad in the eyes of many religions are blamed on atheists. This is part of the reason this day is so important to me and many other atheists. Its our chance to set the record straight. We also don’t like the bad things that are going on around the world and want things to be better, we just don’t use a god as our reason for feeling that way.

Well, hope to hear from some folks tomorrow! It could be fun!




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25 04 2011

You seem to be very sincere when you write, it keep me intertested to continue. My only suggestion is that when you compare yourself or other anthiest with a believer, don’t assume that believers do it only for God , We have our reasons also and it’s called being human and wanting good and not bad in the world , not necessarily doing it for God.

You wrote :
( we just don’t use a god as our reason for feeling that way.)

If you are talking about religious believers then I can see why you put it like that, but not all believers are religious.

I have to be honest. You are the only athiest that I can write too so far that does n’t turn into an argument and I say that because it seems you do have an open mind.

25 04 2011
A Dumb Ape

I do try to be open to at least listen to what people have to say and what their opinions might be.

So in response to your comment here, I was referring mostly to religious believers. I also tried to use the word “many” to imply that I realize that not “all” will have that belief about atheists. I know many people who are christian or catholic and I have great relationships with them, they understand that it’s simply a difference in opinion, and I’m not trying to challenge them to change their belief systems because I have a different outlook on the universe, etc. Hope that makes sense.

I know that many people aren’t good for the sole fact that they believe in a god that punishes etc. It’s just a large part of the people who do have a strange opposite way of viewing atheists as people who for some reason don’t know how to do good things. I was trying to say that as an atheist, I am fully capable of doing the same good things as a religious person just that I am doing it because like you said, I am human and would like to think that the good things I do are for other humans well being, not because I fear retaliation from a god.

I know you have a different view of “god” so I think this should make my point a little more clear. But in general when I speak of a god in any of my posts I am referring to religious gods unless I specify another. I’m still new to blogging in general so I’m learning the little habits I have in writing as I go. Thanks for sticking around.

26 04 2011

Hey no problem man, This topic is very important to me. I will say though that I stand on a very thin line between being a believer and a non- believer. I am still trying to sort it all out. At this point I am like 55 / 45 on the this matter ,55 being the believer part of me. The kicker for me to even those numbers is that in earlier Christanity ,The Crusades where they would kill you if you didn’t convert or if you tried to write a bible “your own version” without it being approved by the head of the church you would be burned at the stake. See that just tells me that Christanity is flawed by breaking it’s own rules then making excuses for it. Even today churches are critic of other people who are not a part of them. I have been down that road before when I was living on the streets and reaching out for help and was denied because I was a sinner and an outsider which breaks all the rules. For me God and Religion are two different things. On one hand you have God and my version of God as we talked about before is an Energy Source and “not personal”. Then on the other hand you have Religion that screws everything up by not being sincere and true.

And just by that is enough to make me want to stay away from it.

You hear some religous people say , “Oh you just need to find the right church. ” Well for me that is bull shit because in my head they are all the same. I went there and got a T-Shirt. I am a product of persecution and prejudice and victum of the vary things that religion say they are here t protect you from and instead of bringing me in they have pushed me away.

26 04 2011
A Dumb Ape

Well put. I’m obviously on the non believing side, so if you have any questions for an atheist, I’m always willing to give it a shot. I don’t speak for all atheists, and most have different views on some things, but I can speak for myself and other who are similar in their views.

As for wanting to stay away from all the religious bull, I think people need to stay true to themselves in respect to belief of a god etc, because that can take many forms to an individual. But I think they need to educate themselves when it comes to the claims of religions. Some things just aren’t possible, no matter how much faith you have in it. That sounds harsh, but its really simple when you think about in an unbiased way. Take out religion and substitute with things that people believe. Astrology, magicians, fortune telling, etc. Some people believe they experience things but its their faith causing them to overlook the evidence of what is happening and preventing them from actually looking for it in the first place.

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