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1 04 2011

I’ve been having some trouble getting focused on choosing a topic and researching it. I may end up just using this blog to share great links to things I find amazing, mostly pertaining to scientific discoveries, and other things I find interesting in general. So while you’re reading this, and over the next while, think of something you’d either like me to talk about, explain, share, etc. I want to hear from you, my few readers. Pick a topic for me.

So for today, I’m going to share some websites and some names of people that I find inspiring. These are the people and websites I often look to for information about things that interest me in the scientific world. And I have come to these sources because of their reliable information, and will often use more than one to verify information that I am looking for. This is not the only places I will search, but are usually the first places I go. I hope you will find some or all of them useful.

Sharing some websites.

How Stuff Works
Explains how things work. Everything from Zombies to Physics. Generally a great site to help you learn about many different things that you may not know already.

An online encyclopedia available to the public for free. It does have some issues with people rewriting things to fit their personal opinions, but usually will be fixed by the masses of people who read the articles daily. Just about everything is on there.

Similar to Wikipedia but written and edited by experts and scholars, allowing the information to remain correct. Not as popular, but does have some great information available.

The Science Network
Great online network of information provided straight from the scientists themselves. Interviews, debates, discussions, presentations. Great source of information from the scientific community.

Astronomy Picture of the Day
This site has a new photo daily to show the beauty of the universe. It’s great to just check and see some amazing photos, and you can check the archives and browse the past great photos.

Canada Centre for Inquiry
A non-profit educational organization whose primary mission is to encourage evidence-based inquiry into paranormal and fringe science claims, alternative medicine and mental health practices, religion, secular ethics, and society. CFI is dedicated to promoting and defending science, reason, and free inquiry in all aspects of human interest.

Extraordinary Claims
From the CFI Canada, they began this campaign to bring light to some issues that are questionable in their validity, and unveil the truth behind them.

Potholer54 youtube channel
A former journalist for New Scientist. He took it upon himself to create a collection of videos that will help the average person get the proper information on topics such as the origins of the universe, evolution, climate change etc. It is an ongoing piece of work, but his style of unbiased and fact filled reporting has received great reviews from others around the globe.

Potholer54debunked youtube channel
Again, same person, but his other channel that offers some extra content.

Bad Astronomy
Astronomer and physicist Phil Plait created this site to help debunk many ridiculous astronomical claims and doomsday theories using his expertise on the area.

Rational Response Squad (RRS)
A website co-founded by Brian Sapient to help atheist activists get together to discuss the problems with religion and prepare ways to discuss and debate these issues with religious.

Celebrity Atheists
A collection of celebrities who are atheists, agnostic, or on the fence and skeptical of theism or religion.

Some names to know.

“The 4 Horsemen” (Will be designated here with 4H)
A group of some of the most well known and outspoken people in the debate between science and religion.

Richard Dawkins (4H)
An evolutionary biologist, ethologist and author who is well known for his very direct approach to discussing his views of religion and his defense of evolution.

Sam Harris (4H)
Author and CEO of Project Reason which seeks to bring about science and reason.

Christopher Hitchens (4H)
An author and journalist, well known for his debates and lectures.

Daniel Dennet (4H)
A philosopher in the scientific fields and cognitive scientist.

Neil Degrasse Tyson
Astrophysicist, science commentator, director of the Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Center of Earth and Space. He is an author as well, and host of PBS Nova Science Now. Uses his great personality and humor to explain science to the average person without talking over their heads, and explaining the difficult parts as they come up.

Phil Plait
Creator of the Bad Astronomy website. He is an astronomer who studied physics and astronomy until beginning the website to help remove the “bad science” being thrown around the internet.

Stephen Hawking
Famous theoretical physicist and cosmologist as well as an author of many books on the subject of quantum science.

Carl Sagan
Was an astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, science popularizer, and science communicator in the space and natural sciences. Very well known for the many books he wrote on the topics mentioned above.

Brian Sapient
Atheist activist and co-founder of the Rational Response Squad. He is a well known activist who often will appear on radio shows, news interviews and debates as a spokesperson for atheism, science, reason and rational discussion.

Peter Hadfield
The youtube user(potholer54 and potholer54debunked) who provides easy to understand videos on topics such as evolution, the big bang, climate change, and other topics that are important for the public to understand.

Bill Maher
A comedian, political commentator and actor. Well known for his strong opinions on politics and his outspoken views of religion.

Greydon Square
An atheist hip hop artist. He is an ex-christian, and uses his knowledge and experience from both sides of the debate to put his views out using music as his medium.

There are many many more great influential people both in the author and scientist category, but these are the few that I admire personally. I will be adding to this list occasionally as I come up with some great links or names to share.




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