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26 03 2011

This Excerpt and comment was actually a direct  copy and paste from the websited linked from the comment posters name. This is the first problem here. This comment poster was apparently afraid to put their own idea into their own words. So the comment below is not actually their own comment, it’s the comment of the website they linked, unless that is their own website.

Second, the links that were at the bottom of the original comment seemed to just be randomly generated, and so I removed them from this post. There were some about celebrities, some about health care, but mostly just random things not involving this issue.

Third, this whole idea from Alex Collier is seperate from the Nibiru idea. However he does also claim the Zeta Reticula have been involved, but with the “a” instead of the “i” on the end?  He also in one of his talks states he is going to talk about Nibiru, but doesn’t. I am not going to jump too far into this whole claim, as this guy has a huge story that seemed to get bigger and bigger as he was pressed more and more about it, and he had eventually given up talking about it and disappeared from the scene. I will provide links if you’d like to see the full story, but a grade 9 kid would see it the same as me provided they weren’t so easily misled on simple things like this. So the comment is below, and I will then attempt to disassemble it.

The Claim […] Alex Collier has been in contact with an ancient alien race. They are called the Andromedans from the constellation of Andromeda. He has had regular contact since he was eight years old. These Extraterrestrials are human looking but are very highly advanced. We are the Genetic Ancestors of many Galactic Human Races. We were originally created as a slave race by an ancient Reptilian race called the Annunaki in order to mine Monatomic Gold in order to extend there lifespan. Galactic Human DNA was genetically spliced with the Earths Hominids producing Homo Sapiens. Alex Collier outlines the true history of Planet Earth and describes the various alien races including the Greys from Zeta Reticula 2 ( Dows ). He also describes the past Ecological disasters which have regularly reduced mankind to starting from scratch. He also explains that the Universe is a Multiverse made up of many Planar levels. At present we are on the bottom floor but are due to move higher in frequency on to the next plane of existence in 2013. These levels where created by God the Creator using Science and have a logical system of evolution and progression. Many races have gone through this evolution in the past. Great Alex Collier Website with true Earth history at


So again, we have the story of a person in contact with aliens since childhood. I’ve already touched on the issue with that, being why would aliens as highly intelligent as they must be, want to talk with children after travelling across the universe to tell this planet something. The first thing you do if you want to spread a message to another civilisation of people or beings is you would do just that, spread your message, children would be the worst person to tell because they do not understand the importance of the message they are given. They would likely forget things, and the biggest problem of all, nobody would take them serious.

Now, they mention these aliens are from the constellation Andromeda. However, Andromeda is not a constellation. I hope that is just a mistyped phrase and not the phrase of the claim itself. Andromeda is a galaxy around 2.5 million light years away. The idea that they travelled through a wormhole highway to get here again which has already been commented on, but again any type of wormhole activity would be picked up on one of many energy bandwidths. The amount of energy needed to sustain such a thing would be incredibly easy to spot through telescopes. Also, the appearance of the space ships or UFO’s travelling through them would be quite obvious.

Next, assuming they did come somehow. The idea that we are genetically spliced with the alien population from our earlier Hominids producing Homo Sapiens. Again, this is nonsense. The first problem is that what did they splice, the DNA of humans and Chimps is 98.5% the same, so that leaves 1.5% difference which is about usual for two related species, so they must have spliced such a small amount of information that the already changed DNA would show no apparent change at all, which would mean it didn’t happen. Again, if they did splice their DNA with ours, and say we became more like them as the purpose of doing so, the first problem lies in the physical properties of being like them.  Our bodies have evolved over thousands of years to live on this planet. If we go to other planets, there are many variables that play a huge part in the evolution of the life on that planet. For example, one big thing would be the habitable goldilocks zone. Our planet is in this zone, and for the size of our planet, and the size of our sun, and the distance of our planet from it, we get enough heat and not too much cold to survive, and our bodies have adapted to that environment. And alien from another planet in a goldilocks zone could be from a planet much larger or smaller, near a larger or smaller star, and resulting in a difference of heat and cold levels that would regularly affect the planet. The size of the planet would effect our ability to perform daily activities as the muscles in our body and legs would be used to different levels of gravity. The skin on our bodies wouldn’t be prepared for the level of radiation from this sun, as it would be adapted to work with the star from their planet. And thirdly, probably the most important thing, the eyes. Our eyes are evolved to work with the light and levels of radiation that are given off by our sun, if we lived near another star our eyes wouldn’t work the same, so if we were to inheret the eyes of the Andromedans, we would not see things the way human life does.

I don’t want to go too deep into the claim from this guy because as I mentioned, it’s just a copy and paste, but these are some key problems with this idea. If this person wants to comment again, give me a more specific idea of what you are trying to say. Or pick a part of this claim that you think will prove some truth to something. I’m not going to read this guys book as that is likely the reason he has made such a claim and then disappeared from the scene, to make profit from the books that follow. And the website provided at the end of the above pasted text, that site is rediculously filled with nonsense. Please don’t spend too much time investing in those ideas people, you’ve been warned. And if anybody has questions, please raise your hand first. haha. Post below!

Thanks again folks,

I’m Out!




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26 03 2011

Let me know where I can get the stuff that this guy was smoking!

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