‘A’ Week and Ask an Atheist Day.

21 03 2011

‘A’ Week

This week (March 20-26, 2011) is a week to join in on something if you are an atheist. It doesn’t happen often enough, so I think it’s important to take part even if you are unsure of how people might react. It’s a quiet way to show that there are possibly more people than realized who can live ‘Good Without God’. If people want to talk about it with you, try to keep things civil at least for this week. Last thing we need is people getting into fights during a week where we are trying to do the opposite.

All you have to do is visit this site. ‘A’ Week Instructions. And it will explain. Briefly though, all you do is take one of the images they’ve designed, and make it your facebook profile image for the week. You may be surprised how many folks are taking part. There is an event and a page you can also join on facebook to be a part of the group of people participating. Last year there were somewhere around 10,000 people, this year, it’s the beginning of the week, I know I’m late with this, and there are already 16,000 people.

Ask an Atheist Day.

I stumbled on this last night, Ask an Atheist Day, and I think it’s a great opportunity for any atheists out there to take a day and let people ask you anything they like. It’s going to be happening on April 13th, 2011. I’ll be doing it here, as well as on my facebook page. It’s a way to help tear down the stereotypes and assumptions made about most atheists.

Many people just misunderstand who we are and why we think the thinks we do. If I could suggest anything if you plan to follow suit and join in. I suggest again keeping the conversations calm if at all possible. Don’t let it go to a hate conversation. That’s a trap and will likely cause more trouble for you and the person involved. Also, as suggest on the site I found this on, brush up on your personal ideas of what atheism is. By brush up, I mean, the things you know to be true. Things like evolution, the cosmos, etc. As those questions will be the most common. And the forever popular what if you’re wrong.

And lastly, I recommend trying not to use words like believe/belief or faith during these times of questions and answers. Many religious people can and will try to use that word and twist it backwards like a knife to use against everything you’ve said with the “you said you believe in science, I believe in God, therefore you have faith just as I do.” type of argument. It proves nothing, just makes things workout in their minds because to them it means everything you said is based on the same system they use in their beliefs.

All in all, it’s time for atheists everywhere to get together and talk about what we stand for, where our understanding of the world lies, and to start tearing down the walls and start talking with people to resolve the differences in a much more civil manner.

A good site that might help in brushing up on some things is to try both Wikipedia and How Stuff Works. Both are great at providing information on common understandings of most things.

Good luck and have fun. My next post should be soon. Still no topics suggested. Need followers.  lol




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