Planet Nibiru/Planet X.

19 03 2011

What is Nibiru or Planet X? Well, depending on which name you give it, you will get a different answer, which I will explain later. Before I try to disassemble the whole doomsday theory, I’ll explain the claims of it.

What is Nibiru?

Nibiru is an idea started by a woman in Wisconsin during the early 1990’s. I’m not sure if I can use her real name so we’ll call her Susie. (If you would like her name, let me know and I can tell you so you too can look her up.) For now I will just be explaining the claim. Then jump right in and figure out the problems with it. As a child Susie received an implant in her brain from some grey aliens called Zetas. Through this communication device they explained the arrival of an unknown planet that would one day approach the earth as it does every 3600 years. During this approach, the Earth will undergo a physical pole shift due to the gravitational pull between the two planets. During this time, the Earth will also stop rotating for 5.9 days.

So every 3600 years this planet (Nibiru or Planet X, the second one being an actual planet which I will explain later.) will pass by Earth. The planet is said to have an extremely elliptical orbit bringing it out of the solar system for most of the orbit, and then back to cause destruction each time. The Zeta’s that are communicating with Susie are from the Zeta Reticuli system which is approximately 39 Light Years (LY) away from Earth.

This was set to happen on a very fast approaching date of May 2003. Susie went onto the radio to warn people to put down their pets to help them avoid the painful death. She also stated that she had already done this and that dogs make a great meal. When May 2003 approached and went by, Susie was questioned why nothing had happened, and she replied that she had to tell a little lie to fool the establishment, and she couldn’t give out the real date because governments of the world would place marshal law in effect and trap the public to force them to their deaths.

Susie is also known for telling the world of the longest and brightest comet in the last 100 years. Well, she told us about what it really was. That it was not in fact a comet, that it was merely a distant star that would move across the sky never coming closer to Earth at all. That comet was the Hale Bopp comet in 1997.

OK. Now here comes the fun part. While many of you are probably already on the same page as me, and can see this for what it is, I’m going to spend a bit of time trying to explain why this is absurd. I’ll try to keep things somewhat organized to make my points clear.

First things first. The claim and idea all comes from a woman who claims to have received a communications chip in her brain from aliens that traveled from the Zeta Reticuli system. The Zeta Reticuli system is an actual star system. It is around 39 light years from Earth. What is a light year? Well a light year is a measurement of distance used for space, and because of the ridiculous size of the universe, the distance that light travels in 1 year is what we use. How far is that? Light travels around 300,000 kilometers per second. So you multiply the number of seconds in a year by 300,000. What you will end up with is around 10 trillion kilometers. So this would put the Zetas home at around 390 trillion kilometers from earth. The current space craft will travel around 30,000 times slower than light. It would take around 72,000 years with our fastest space craft to get to the star nearest to our sun.

Update: It was brought to my attention that I had left out a possibility of how the Zeta’s could have traveled here faster than mentioned above. This idea is to use a wormhole. A wormhole is a theoretical idea that you can either find one or make one to travel from one point in space/time to another point at basically a speed much faster than light itself. To briefly explain a wormhole, image space is a flat piece of paper. One edge of the paper is point A, and the opposite edge is point B. If you travel in a straight line from point A to B it would take 500 years for example. That’s a big piece of paper I know, but just follow along. If you now instead take that piece of paper and just bring edge A to edge B basically folding the paper, you are essentially forming a shorter path between the two points. This is the idea of a wormhole. You cut out the middle ground and bring the 2 points together somehow.

The first problem is that there are no known perfect formula’s known to prove that a wormhole does exist, and as I said it is all very theoretical. Also, this type of thing would emit energy that would be visible, and we have not seen anything like this so far. That’s not to say it “does not” exist, just highly unlikely. The second problem is that in order to travel through one, you would first have to know where it is, and then know where it was going to take you. The chances that the wormhole in front of you will take you where you want to go, is even more unlikely than the existence of one. Nevertheless, if a controllable wormhole did exist, would an intelligent species come to a planet across the universe to warn them of impending doom to come in a few decades, and tell the information to only 1 child through a communication device. I think that is again even MORE improbable than the wormhole. If the species is that highly intelligent, they would know that tell 1 child would be pointless, and that age old “take me to your leader” phrase would likely be the first thing the species would try to accomplish.

Thanks for the heads up on this by the way.

So lets assume the Zetas have managed to double our space travel speeds and could get here in half the time, considering the nearest star is around 4 LY away, the Zetas would be traveling for 350,000 years. Since we can’t ask the “Zetas” anything, if they exist, put yourself in their shoes. If you could travel to a planet that gets wiped clean of life every 3600 years, but it would take you 350,000 years to get there and warn them, what would you do? Well, let’s assume that since we’ve given them twice our speed, they must be quite intelligent. Once they got here, would they;
A: Find a young girl, implant a small communications device in her head to tell her of the coming danger when she is an adult, and trust that she will be the right person to grow up and save the planet from a planet that is not stoppable. Or…
B: Scrap the whole idea and watch through a telescope to study the process as best as you can?

The problem with the aliens coming to tell the child part is that by the time they would have gotten here, the planet would have been flipped upside down almost 10 times, and that’s again assuming they are twice the speed of our fastest space crafts. Somewhere in there is a bit of fiction. In my opinion, this is the biggest flaw in this whole theory. If you get an idea that was created in this manner, how can any person take it literally or seriously. However, in my need to push further and uncover all the facts I can, we will assume the whole alien part never happened, and that Susie just decided to warn us of the impending doom from whatever information source she likes.

So the Hale Bopp comet. Again, I have posted a link for anybody to check it out, I recommend doing a Google search to find some amazing photos of the comet. You probably wont get another chance to see this comet since its orbit takes about 4200 years to bring it around again. But the claim remains, that the comet is not a comet. I don’t know how else to explain the falsehood of this claim, so I will leave it to you to decide for yourself. The comet was documented in history, photos were taken around the globe by people who could see it. I’ll move on.

We are going to have to assume now that the famous date of December 12, 2012 is the date that the Earth will be visited by planet Nibiru or Planet X. First I want to take a moment to explain what I mentioned earlier. Planet X is actually a real object in space, and in our solar system. Planet X originally was Pluto, but before it was Pluto. Astronomer Percival Lowell  could tell there was another planet beyond Neptune and Uranus, but couldn’t see it, later it was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930 and named Pluto. Now the name Planet X usually refers to any planet beyond that point in our solar system. A popular “planet” or “dwarf planet” is Eris. It also has a very elliptical orbit, but never comes near Earth in the slightest. Some people still call Nibiru as the other name of Planet X I’m guessing because of it’s ominous sound.

Next the planet itself. When asked about where the planet is today, there are a usually 3 different answers that you will be told.

1- Hiding behind our Sun.

Sitting at 150 million KM from Earth is the Sun. 1 orbit takes a year at our speed and distance from it. So for a planet to be behind the sun from us the entire 3600 years, it would have to have some kind of very large spiral orbit that keeps it way out of harms way but then brings it back once every 3600 years. Say for example in March, we ask where the Nibiru is, they say behind the sun. In 6 months time, if we ask again they couldn’t possibly say behind the sun still because we would now be on that “behind the sun” side, and when an object is in orbit, whether it’s elliptical or perfectly round, we would be able to see it. The only way for it to stay behind the sun is if the planet was to match our orbit exactly but opposite sides, but then it wouldn’t be an elliptical orbit at all, and we would be able to see it clearly with satellites and probes that we already have out there examining other planets.

2- Planet X is the culprit.

Good old Planet X. So I’ll assume they aren’t talking about the original X, which would be Pluto. We know where that is, and where it’s going. But the problem is, we know where almost everything in our solar system is, and where it’s going. Eris, another known Planet X, we know lots about it. Such as where it is and where it’s going. It’s not going anywhere near Earth. Assuming they are using another Planet X culprit, we still know lots about those planets. Dwarf planets usually. almost all Planet X’s are just large asteroids in the Kuiper Belt. Over a long long period of time, they might someday form a larger planet that could very well make it’s way into a new orbit. But for now, Planet X is staying well out of harms way, whichever one you choose to use.

3- It’s in the V838 system.

This one is my favorite, because it shows the mind bending ridiculous nature of people who are willing to just come up with anything to explain why it can’t be explained. So this is more of a fun example. I don’t think many people actually believe the planet resides in this system, which is at a whopping 20,000 LY from earth. But when you look up Nibiru, some will try to pass off a photo of this system as a photographic proof of the planet. But what they didn’t realize is that, we know what that photo is of. It’s like saying, This is a photo of my girlfriend. Ummm no, that’s Angelina Jolie. Pretty sure she’s dating Brad Pitt, and has no intention of ever meeting you.

If the planet was to somehow be there, it would take 20,000 years at the speed of light. No planet or object can move that fast. It’s just not possible. And if it did somehow get to that speed, we would be able to pick up an image of it on some kind of energy bandwidth through a telescope. So no more on the impossibility of a planet traveling that distance, this one was more just an entertainment choice. But the photo can be seen on the Nibiru link.

Alright, where were we. OK. Now that we’ve talked about where the planet is, I have to say that pretty much all major objects, and by major I mean anything that could have anything to do with Earth or could possibly affect us someday, are known to us. There are scientists, hobbyists, teachers, professors all over the globe that study the skies in many various ways. If there was a strange planet in our solar system, or even near our solar system, we would see it, and have proof to show of it. So now I have to assume that somehow, we didn’t see it, and that the planet makes it’s journey to Earth and what would happen next.

Well, in a visit that from a planet they say is somewhere around the size of Earth or Mars, the Earth would continue to rotate. It wouldn’t just stop for 5.9 days, and then flip the earth upside down. For that to happen, you would need a pretty large collision but even then the planet would continue to spin.

If the planet did stop rotating, anything not secured very strongly to the ground would be thrown at a force equal to the speed the earth was spinning meaning all life would be thrown simultaneously in one direction. They say this happens every 3600 years, well 3600 years ago there were animals and humans all over the globe. Also, many things like houses, or monuments erected by the then living people. Wouldn’t that all have been thrown and destroyed? Also, the Earths crust would most likely be forced to rip open in many places around the globe due to the huge amount of force and friction caused by a sudden stopping of the rotation and then flipping of the Earth. Oceans would be thrown onto land wiping almost everything away like a giant global tsunami. However, almost all, if not all, of the water would be boiled off due to the heat and friction. Without water, no life, and we obviously still have water, and had oceans 3600 years ago. So this obviously hasn’t happened every 3600 years.

If a planet was to come that close the orbits of both planets would be affected and we would no longer be in our Goldilocks Zone. We would end up moving either closer or further from the sun and that would play havoc on life.

Some slightly more rational minded people would say well what about a Geomagnetic reversal. Those can happen and do happen all the time. Sure. They actually do happen all the time. In relative terms to the amount of time Earth has been here. Depending on your religious views of course. But over the billions of years it has happened millions of times. They say sometimes between 10 and 50 times within a million year span. And sometimes, nothing for a couple million years. But the big part here, is that I have to ask, What about it? They happen and have happened, so what? They don’t cause extinctions, as proven by the fact that they have happened during the times of Homo Erectus, and they are fine. The biggest concern is that our electronics will likely be damage by solar flares, but there is some that think the solar wind may act as a field and that the reversal wouldn’t happen immediately, it would take time, with some poles popping up randomly until it balanced itself out. But the key point here is that we will be fine.

Last, I am going to touch on the December 21, 2012 date. Many people have jumped to the conclusion that the end of the Mayan calendar means the end of the world. To people who study the Mayan’s, this is simply not true. The Mayan’s used a way of measuring time that worked for them. They used time frames similar to days, weeks, months, years, centuries, etc. They just had different amounts of time assigned. Instead of say 100 years, they had a thing called a B’ak’tun which was a measure of about 144,000 days or 395 years. This time frame has passed many times, and the next one ends 2012. But that doesn’t mean the world will end, it just means it’s like a new century, in the same way we have the 21st century, they have the 14th B’ak’tun. So on December 21,2012 have a party, let’s celebrate the beginning of a new B’ak’tun, because it’s something we won’t live to see again. But don’t fear the date. Don’t let people try to convince you that the world will end because of a group of people who lived thousands of years ago, and believe the world was flat and square shaped, had a dome covering with the skies painted on it, this flat world sat on the back of an alligator and was held up by 5 trees of different colors. They clearly didn’t have the world pictured properly, and I can’t imagine they knew the future of our world, let alone their own. And they never said it would in the first place.

Well, I hope this wasn’t too long. And I hope you see what I’m trying to say here. Not sure what I’ll cover next. Maybe leave a comment and let me know what you want to read about.




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25 03 2011
Ecological Disasters - is 2012 real?

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26 03 2011
A Dumb Ape

I am going to respond to this comment in a seperate blog post. Because this brings new issues to light, as silly as they may be, I want to address this. Also I want to note that the links provided mostly have nothing to do with this blog, and this comment has already been marked as spam by WordPress, not myself.

2 08 2012

Thanks for this lengthy description of Nibiru, I had not heard about it until today so I wanted to do some extra reading and this was defiantly logical and entertaining.

2 08 2012
A Dumb Ape

Youre very welcome. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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