Before We Begin

17 03 2011

Alright folks. I’m in the works to get my first topic underway. I’m brainstorming, trying to edit my ranting habit and keep things short. So I want to share a quick list of things that will be covered in this blog as well as a few little tidbits of things to expect. Bare with me, once we get things started, I think it will be interesting.

1- Topics.

Some of the topics I plan to cover in no particular order:

– Alien cover-ups
– Global Warming
– Nostradamus
Doomsday theories
– 2012
– Mayan predictions
– Nibiru or Planet X
– Galaxy alignment
– Racism in general
– My experiences
– Racism in entertainment
– Stolen or borrowed pieces
– Denial of science
– Inconsistency in beliefs
– Choosing pieces
Other science related issues
– Global warming
– Evolution
– The universe
– Ghosts, magic and astrology

Not in that order though. And occasionally to keep the mood somewhat calm I will talk about music, movies, TV shows, whatever might be on my mind. Things will no doubt get heated at times. I will try to use my odd sense of humor to keep things calm when needed. But please try not to take things too far in discussions.

2- Examples of my standpoints.

In regards to my views on the topics we will be covering, I wanted to quickly explain where my views come from. Growing up I was very curious, and very shy. So I immediately became very independent. I learned how to take two opposite views, look at each option and the information available from both sides and make an informed decision on which is the fact and which is the fiction.

Many kids just ask their parents. While that’s a great source of info learned through years of experience, and we’re taught from birth to listen to adults, and we quickly learn that adults seem know everything, meaning we will believe almost anything they tell us. The problem with this is it sometimes gives the child a biased outlook, and their parents opinions quickly become their own.

I try seek out the information from both sides to actually look at what both sides are saying. It’s that simple. Through that process I have come to the conclusion that science generally has the highest probability of being fact. That may sound vague and sound like I have doubts, trust me, I don’t.

I would put myself along the following standpoints. Conspiracies like alien cover-ups and the government being involved with things like terrorist attacks on themselves, are fictional. In the doomsday theories, I think it’s safe to say all of them are fiction. There is one that is fact but hasn’t even provoked any doomsday hype, I will touch on that when the time comes.  Global warming is a real issue. Evolution is a real process. Astrology, magic, and ghosts are all fictional things made up by humans. Racism is just plain wrong. And real hip hop is awesome. LOL.

And finally, the one that actually cause the most trouble. I apologize to anybody offended by my comments, statements, or points on religion. It’s a big topic. Simply put, I’m an atheist. I genuinely am interested in different views on religions. So feel free to bring your personal view up and we can talk. I try to simply speak from a personal opinion on this topic. I know everybody has their own version of their religion, but I try to apply my reasoning to religions and come up with fictional stories and bad examples of moral values. But again, we will talk more on this later.

3- Tactics used.

Many conspiracies and doomsday theories will use tactics that are very similar. They either start off with a distrust of some organization and claims that any information available has been twisted. Or they just go far into the outfield and say the information was given to them by a source that is unable to be contacted again and can never be verified, yet they still continue to claim it.

Perfect example of this is when you watch a show or film about the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 you will hear people say, “the government did it, but they destroyed all the evidence.” This gives some the idea that you can’t prove it wrong, rather than you can’t prove it right. But you can by examining the claims and finding out what is possible, and in some cases, what is real and not real. Many times, they make claims that just are so unreliable and unrealistic that it’s incredibly sad people will believe it to be true. But nevertheless, I hope to show this when the topics come up, and hopefully will help people get more sleep by not worry about these things.

4- How do I plan to tackle these issues?

It’s going to be daunting to say the least. People get very passionate about what they believe. In religion, I completely understand that. And I try to be less pointed with my comments regarding religion, and more questioning in nature. On the conspiracy and doomsday side, again people can be very passionate. I think some people just feel they’ve seen all there is to see on the matter, but they really haven’t. There is so much out there to be seen, that I think you can eventually see what you missed. But some people are almost too passionate, and I think on some level, they don’t want to be wrong even though they know they are because it would put their intelligence in question.

For example, say there was a doomsday theory that anybody who ever drank water will explode on June 7th, 2015. I know, that’s ridiculous right. But I’m just trying to make my point. Person A believes this claim and talks about it with friends, or family. Person B, hears it and just laughs it off as ridiculous. When Person A thinks about it, they spend time looking into the claim, they come to the realization that they’ve spent so much time fighting for this claim, that to deny it now would make them seem unintelligent.

This is where science proves itself once again as one of the more powerful options on many of these topics. Science is a bit like person B. They see a topic, or claim and they get to work to find out what ever there is to find out. They come to a conclusion, test it some more and then finally when everything passes, they publish the idea. Some 20 years later, the studies on this topic are still going strong, making advances in society, but a new scientist comes along and finds a little piece that they missed and it changes the study in a way that helps them understand even more. They will then test this new idea and when it too passes, revealing they were wrong for 20 years, they will accept the new idea, because it is the correct idea. So science never follows Person A’s process of defending an idea even though they know it could be wrong. They are always looking for someone to stand up and present the next steps to any area of science. They just have hoops to jump to get there.

OK, so this is my “short” list of things to expect. My posts will sometimes be long and I apologize if that’s a nuisance. I just try to fit so much into one thought. And some topics have a lot of information to get out.

I hope you enjoy what is to come, and I hope you return to check out each post and join in on discussions.




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