The Ape Speaks!

16 03 2011

Welcome to This is my first post. As I mentioned in my info, I plan to talk about some crazy stuff from racism and religion to conspiracy and doomsday theories I hope to disprove or at least provide the information you might need to see why I think it’s ridiculous.

I do not intend to offend anybody out there, but my opinions and views can be a bit harsh at times. But that’s the great thing about having a blog, all of you readers out there can comment and start a discussion on any of my posts. And that’s exactly what I want. I want to talk to people around the world and get an idea of what the global view is on these things. I plan on hearing from some pretty extreme people and some people who might be offended and hate everything I have to share.

A little bit about myself to get things started. My name is Josh and I live in Canada, home of the cold beer, land of the free health care. Nova Scotia to be exact. Being bi-racial has given me an interesting chance to see a scary side of racism that some just don’t get to see. Black/White if you are curious. The part that’s made it so different from some other bi-racial people is my very light skin. But we’ll get into that later when the time is right. I don’t want to start off with a bang. I’m hoping to keep you readers coming back, not scare you away on post 1.

What else? ….. Oh yeah, I’m an atheist that has a pretty strong opinion on all things religion. This is a topic where I plan and expect some pretty harsh discussion to arise. I want to say it now, and for the 2nd time. I DO NOT plan to offend, but apologize for those who are offended. This blog is not for those people. I want to talk to people who are rational minded and willing to engage in some Q&A about religion and the many aspects of it. Both to learn more myself about what people believe out there, and to maybe enlighten some religious people about some of what many atheists believe. We’re not devil worshiping crazy people. But more on that later.

Another topic to be covered will be conspiracies and doomsday theories. As an atheist I spend a bit of time reading, watching, and in general spending time learning about science, and what it has to offer. I try my best to weed through the ridiculous claims from conspiracy theorists and doomsday theorists. There are too many to get through them all, and I hope to either disprove or provide enough information to put some people at ease. I know this is a topic that can very quickly get out of hand, so I’m going to have to be very careful with which ones I choose to bring up.

Well, I think that about sums up me, and my plans with the blog. I hope you can enjoy it without any hard feelings, and hope you participate in the discussions. Never know what we all might learn here, but hopefully we learn a lot.

Thanks for now, and can’t wait to get started.





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